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A Review of Clodagh's Irish Kitchen

I think of March as "Irish Month" because of Saint Paddy's Day. I had a blast cooking up everything Irish last month. Clodagh's cookbook was one of the one's that helped me most during my endeavor. The book is beautiful with lots of lovely pictures of Ireland. There are also amazing food pictures that show you what you are making. It is an absolute joy to leisurely page through her book and dream of Ireland. I also dream of eating the delicious food pictured.

Most of the time I found the ingredients to be easily accessible. Last month one of her recipe's that I featured on the blog was Crispy Chicken with a Creamy Irish Whiskey and Mushroom Sauce. The recipe ingredients listed a cut of chicken that is not readily available here in the states. So I substituted the cut with skin on, bone in chicken breasts, and they worked well in the recipe. I also substituted the wild mushrooms with cremini mushrooms, because I love cremini mushrooms and prefer them to wild mushrooms. Overall, the ingredients in this book are accessible, and those ingredients that are not can be substituted.

The print and type setting in her cookbook are kind to these old eyes, and I like the formatting of the recipes as it lends towards clarity while being interesting. The instructions themselves were also very clear in language and well reasoned. I did not have to second guess any of the recipes I made from her book. She also included a nice introduction to each of her recipes that I enjoyed reading.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed (and still enjoy) Clodagh's Irish Cookbook, and I will be cooking her recipes for years to come. So if you are looking for an Irish cookbook with some classic Irish recipes and others that take a classic Irish recipe and put a spin on it, this book is definitely for you!


(edited by Anna Weicht)

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